"Paradise is a state of mind, a memory of a wonderful vacation, a garden filled with scents and flowers"

Hello visitor, 


We work from Leuven, near Brussels - Belgium and teamed up 7 years ago.

We both are florists and yoga teachers, with a passion for flowers, plants and gardens.

Peter is an experienced landscape architect and project manager.

Tom is a retail and floral professional.


We offer:

A design studio for your shop, garden, balcony, terrace or indoor garden.


Weekly or biweekly subscription for fresh flowers at home or business in Leuven.

Fresh flowers bouquets, floral arrangements and plants for home delivery on command or you can see and buy them at Mozaiek Juwels - Bondgenotenlaan 101, 3000 Leuven. Open every day 10:00 - 18:00


Flower arrangements and decorations for parties and events. 

Workshops d.i.y. floral arrangements. Due to covid : temporarily not possible.


For retailers; seasonal shop decoration, product merchandising and shop window design.

A fresh breeze of energy and positive atmosphere to increase customer experience, happiness and sales.


Freelance work on a project basis or previously fixed times for florists, landscape design studio's and garden contractors.


Weekly yoga class in Leuven. Due to the covid pandemic there are temporarily no yoga classes, nor healings.

Healing practice, with shiatsu, sound therapy, etheric oils.


Let us know what we can do for you! 




Peter and Tom