garden designs

Proposition for swimming pool and terraces

Design sketch for swimming pool with terraces in existing private garden. 

The design grew over several propositions into a concept with an outdoor bar and wooden deck to hide the swimming pool cover,

alongside two terraces; one for sun loungers and one for lounging in comfy sofa's.

Garden with swimming pool and poolhouse

Design sketch for private garden with swimming pool and poolhouse containing sauna, dressing room,

technical space, wooden deck and covered terrace with glass sliding doors.

The sauna space looks out onto a private, secluded garden and swimming pool.

A challenging project that combines all desired functions on this narrow plot, without blocking the view.

Garden with swimming pond

Recent réalisation of a garden design for a family in Limburg, Belgium. 

This garden makes a staycation much more pleasant. Plantation is soon to come. 


A garden for musicians with many things to enjoy in good company. 

The design incorporates existing plantation, garden shed and terrace and adds new features like a swimming pond, combined with a natural pond.

A new, cosy sun- oriented terrace at the end of the pond. Big rocks, ornamental grasses and many different flowers.

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Plantation plan for this garden.

Execution plan for this garden.

Large garden with forrest

Design sketch for a new built garden.

Main purpose was to support the architecture of the house and to merge the garden with the forrest.

Vista's into the forrest are created with organic edible hedges.

All plantation is endemic and diverse to maximize the natural qualities of this new garden.

Clients were happy with the first drawing :-) nothing much had to change.

Garden goes in realization in 2020. The forrest has been planted in the winter of 2019.


Small garden

Small garden in Ninove. Newly built house with big window towards the garden.

Main idea is to give privacy and hide all ugly constructions and the view on the train lines at the back of the garden.

The terrace is moved away from the house on the spot where the sun will warm evening aperitifs. 

A second terrace for sun loungers is located at the end of the garden. 

Trees and garden shed hide the noise and view on the train as much as possible.

Organically trimmed evergreen hedges and islands of flowers give motion and a sense of adventure :-)

Garden will be built in 2020.


Client's review:

"I am satisfied with our cooperation for the plans, I think you have very nice ideas for the design as well as for the chosen flowers, plants and trees. Also a lot of eye for privacy, which is also very important to myself. I didn't have to change much about the plan, it was immediately the way I wanted it."