A moment for yourself to heal and relax

Tom's healing practice combines reiki, shiatsu, sound, etheric oils, a listening ear and personalized advise.

During weekdays in the evening, starting at 19h.

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Yoga for health and happiness

Peter has been taught Kundalini yoga by Siri and teaches on a weekly basis since about 10 years.

It's his special weapon to remain happy, healthy and positive and he's more than glad to share it with you.

Tom has been teaching Hatha and children's yoga.

Weekly class every Wednesday 20:00 - 21:30

First try-out class for free

Wear loose clothing & bring a bottle of water

You don't have to bring your own matt

Send us a message if you like to come!

What is meditation and how do You do it?

Meditation is a technique to clear and heal the mind.

The mind, that rambles and races and works automatic, takes over most of our responses, thoughts and emotions.

It's programmed by past experiences. It makes you doubt en worry. Leaves you with fear and stress.

Meditation is a technique to take back control by focusing.


I practise and teach two techniques;

- Focus on your breath

It's as simple as that. Sit down on a chair, meditation cushion or carpet in easy pose or rock pose, spine straight and focus on your breathing.

Nothing more than that. Every time your mind wonders off or you loose your focus due to some physical sensation or pain, bring your focus gently back to your breath. You will experience that after some practice, it will become easier to keep your focus longer, without much effort. 

In this state, You stop interfering and let your body and mind loose. It's a time for yourself to relax and heal. To clean out.

When practised on a regularly basis, your overall focus and intuition will be enhanced. You will become more relax and stable.

Because I know that it needs effort to meditate on a regularly basis,  I will start daily online meditation sessions to start your day, starting on October 19th.

- Mantra meditations

In the Kundalini yoga tradition mantra meditations have been used for ages. 

Every mediation has its own technique (breathing, mudras) and has a different effect on the body and soul. 

It works on various levels; the sound current of the mantra and music penetrates your body and makes it easier to focus on the sound and not wondering of into thoughts, your own vibrations while chanting the mantra make you accept your own voice, it works like a prayer and it gives rhythm to your breath. The right mudra makes it complete. It's an integral part of every Kundalini yoga class. If anything, this will change You if You are willing to sit down, chant and let yourself go. I can recommend Kirtan Kriya to transform darkness into light, the Healing Mantra ra ma da sa and Triple Mantra - protective sound current, among others.

Practice one of these on a daily basis for 20, 30 or 40 days and see what happens. 

Join or daily morning sadhana online.

What is Kundalini Yoga and is it good for You?

It is a form of healing yoga, practised for centuries. It is seen as a more advanced form of yoga.


I teach beginners the basics and start slowly to built up muscle and adjust you to the different positions and breathing techniques.

Basically it's a yoga flow combining different stretches, so it's perfect in combination with fitness or other sports but also doable when not so fit.

It makes you feel more grounded.


For more advanced yogi's and yogini's, I increase the pace and built up the times to remain in various positions. 

A breathing technique called breath of fire is added and meditations will be longer. 

This will give you more energy, intuition and overal feel-good.